About US

Thoj Wilderness and Outdoors LLC is a new business that focuses on the passion for the conservation of wildlife, and hunting.  Currently, we are still in the infant stages of raising capital to move forward with our business plans and investments.


I, Chia Thao am the sole owner of Thoj Wilderness and Outdoors.  I have been hunting for over 10 years and always had the passion for outdoor activities.  Growing up in poverty and a big family of 9 total siblings, I was not introduced to hunting until later in my life.  As today stands, hunting and the wilderness in general is a big passion of mines next to my two boys and wife. 


My vision is to be able to provide hunting guide services for the young and old, to the inexperience or experienced person.  Whether you just want to broaden your knowledge of hunting or you have never hunted before.  I can provide an unique and individually tailored experience for your needs. 


One of the best and easiest ways to introduce anyone to hunting is hunting for the Western Gray Squirrel.  I can recall back to the very first time I was able to go hunt.  I was filled with excitement and anticipation that I could not fall asleep the night before.  It was opening day for general season for tree squirrels.  My brother and I decided to go hunt in El Dorado National Forest.  Fair warning, these are no small critters, the very first tree squirrel I saw was the size of a cat.  As we located our blind in the forest, in the early morning.  I positioned myself due east and waited for legal shooting time.  As the sun started to rise across the ridge-line, you can hear all the wildlife waking up with all the birds chirping and  ruffling in the brushes.  Not too long as the sun was up, my very first squirrel came down from a tree top.  As the squirrel came down, it paused to take in the warmth from the morning sun.  At this moment adrenaline kicked in and excitement took over as I was able to take my very first small game.  This was when I told myself I am hooked for life as I am able harvest a small game for food and help with wild life conservation at the same time.  I am blessed to be able to provide a service that involves my passion of hunting and wild life conservation, with the mindset of expanding and sharing of my knowledge and experiences.


To discuss your new adventure for the upcoming hunting season, please contact me directly or go to our contact page for any questions that you have. I do also provide consultation and can help with planning of your outdoor events such as camping trips, locations and some camping equipment rentals.


As part of raising capital for my new business venture please take the time to browse my store catalog page and make some purchases.